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Our Story

While we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured masonry company with competitive pricing, our company is about so much more than that.

Del’s Masonry, Inc. was born in 1969 out of love for masonry, and a passion for working with your brain and hands equally. Founder, Del Ewing built his company with a commitment to ingenuity, integrity, and hard work. From humble beginnings, our company has grown to be one of the leading quality masonry contractors in Colorado because each member of our team is dedicated to achieving the highest level of execution in everything we do, while still honoring the core values that have guided the company for decades.

Our Services

For over 40 years Del’s Masonry, Inc. has provided commercial and residential masonry services to the greater Northern Colorado area. Del’s Masonry, Inc. specializes in all types of masonry projects including brick, block, and stone.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality standards is the reason for our outstanding reputation among our clients and vendors. Del’s Masonry takes pride in being your dependable masonry expert and providing quality results that exceed your expectations.